Finding the right buggy/pram system…. it’s a lifestyle thing…

Finding the right buggy/pram system…. it’s a lifestyle thing…

Before setting the heart on a specific make/model, maybe you f


ind this list helpful:

1. What main use will the buggy/pram get? Your “main pram” For the childminder?
2. Does it have to fit into a small boot/hallway or is space no issue?
3. Do you live down a country lane or in town/city?
4. Do you plan to push the buggy often on the beach?
5. Are there any siblings to arrive in the near future?
6. Do you often enjoy shopping spins?
7. Would you want to go jogging with junior?
8. Will you bring it on flights and travels?
9. Would the buggy be put into the car on a daily basis?
10. Would the buggy have to be pulled up steps?
How versatile is the buggy/pram to accommodate several uses?
When a small collapsing umbrella fold stands in a small corner of the hallway, it is forward facing and is not ideal for long shopping trips as the parent facing models.

Small tiny wheels with small or no suspension will give not much trouble on walkways and hard surfaces but would get stuck down a country lane.

Or at the beach, wide wheels, pumped or not, will be a lot easier to push over the sand.
If you just starting your family, some of the adaptable sturdy singles would be very useful instead of long double tandem.

Did you know: most of the pram systems/buggies, even the sporty looking 3 wheelers, are not for jogging? The front wheels will start wobbling uncontrollably when pushed at a faster speed. With some pumped wheeled buggies, the front swivel wheel can be locked in place and a trot is possible. But most models would not satisfy a runner training for marathons. Advice is needed for the right buggy here.

To carry buggies on flights is like Russian roulette. Often luggage comes loose in the aircraft and tumbles directly onto the corner of your buggy and cracks the aluminium frame…. or this can happen due to lack of space etc. Before bringing your buggy to air travels, it should have a proper travel bag and air cushions inside (balloons) as impact puffers. Most airlines allow to hand over buggies at the gate before boarding the flight so that they can be used in the airport. It makes sense to familiarize oneself with dismantling and packing the buggy in the travel bag. But depending on the journey and the length of the trip, we would always advise to bring a cheap, expendable stroller if this would be sufficient for a toddler.

And because us moms are so busy these days, running from the house to the childminder, then go to work, back to the childminder, pick up junior, run to the shop, get the grocery, dash back home, and that all with a baby and a toddler, you want a good sturdy buggy that folds fast and you easily can take off wheels in the boot.
Other if you have no car and need to do a lot of walking and carrying home the shopping on your buggy. Then you don’t need a light weight designer buggy, it would not last a month.

Due to the number of repairs we are taking out on modern buggies, we have certain makes/models coming in with the same damages over and over.
Also older models are showing more signs of material fatigue now and this can be pin pointed to certain manufacturers. If it is a design fault or the detailed petite features in a collapsing mechanism these are things to mind or to watch out for when buying a second hand buggy.
Other higher priced buggies coming up with weak valves, poor fabrics and very fast corroding fittings or weak brakes. All that can be fixed, but this obviously would add to the cost.
As a continuation to this we will blog soon a few buying tips when hunting for a second hand bargain.
All the best
Nina xx


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