Why detailed Buggy Valeting?

In over 20 years surveying attics was never my favourite task when working for architects.  Coughing and itching the urge for a shower and a full rig out of fresh cloth and a new pair of lungs was immense.

Dust, mold particles and insulation fibre, that fly around the attic air when just taking down the Christmas tree or putting up the suitcases quickly covers stored items, even find its way into plastic wrap.  It hides in gaps and under upholstery.

And since heated and ventilated storage space is so limited or none existent, attics and sheds are the place where people can store baby gear in between their little users.

I may be corrected if I’m wrong, but we do have a very high childhood asthma rate.

See on the car seat images above how much dust can gather in 2 years in a car seat that was loosely in a black bag in the attic.

Since the devil is in the detail (in shape of tiny little dust monsters, gathering in gaps and folds) we dismantle all nursery items as far as possible, brush out fabrics, hoover them out, then wash, dry in the fresh country air and reassemble after all other parts were disinfected and cleaned.

For save use when re-suing.

Wishing all a very happy Easter 2017

all the best

Nina xx