Martin’s rusty Pedigree…

… or – a  joint restoration of a 1950’s Stroller

   We have recently had the pleasure of being involved in the restoration of a very rare pram, a 1960’s Pedigree Stroller. In fact, we only carried out the dismantling and the re-assembly of it.
   Dublin author and historian, Martin Coffey could not pass by this ‘piece of junk’ that he came across at a recent auction. He fell in love with the whole idea of bringing the Stroller back to life.
   As a brother of 14 siblings, Martin didn’t have an issue with sharing spaces. He is after all the middle child in a family of 15 children. His mother had one of these Strollers back in the early 1960’s and she managed to carry at least six of her young children in it, plus bags of turf, bottles of Gas and a whole weeks shopping.
   Martin was at a loss as to where he should begin with his restoration project. A little bird whispered in his ear that there was a ‘Pram Doctor’ somewhere in County Wexford and that he should check this out. Having seen a piece about the ‘Pram Doctor’ on the Internet from the television programme, ‘Nationwide’, Martin then made contact with Nina and it was then that the magic began
   Shortly after that, Martin arrived down to us in Wexford, where we shared many stories and yarns while disembowelling the little ‘Pedigree Stroller’, for the first stages of the restoration process.  
In early February, Martin brought his brother with him to help us out, to do all the slaver-work, while Martin kept himself busy taking photographs of the entire assembly process.  In little over an unforgettable 5 hours and plenty of slagging laterIMG_2978

, we eventually re-assembled the stroller back to its former glory.

It’s to Martin now to put plenty of miles onto the ol’ rims when pushing his grandson through Dublin!